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The Bennett Family's SmokeStack Restaurant: Serving Texas-Style Comfort Food Since 1971 in Thurber, Texas.
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A Steam Shovel

Coal! Pulling Money from the Ground

Thurber's history begins in the later half of the 19th century, after brothers William W. and Harvey E. Johnson "discovered" coal in the northeast corner of Erath County and formed a company, digging 2 producing mine shafts and starting a small mining camp in 1886-87. In May 1887, they signed a contract with the Texas & Pacific Railway—which was rapidly expanding its railroad network westward—agreeing to sell the company all the coal it could use. But after Harvey's sudden death in early 1888, William was faced with mounting debt and striking miners, and sold the company to the newly incorporated Texas & Pacific Coal Company headed by millionaire cattle broker Robert D. Hunter. (T&P Coal Company provided fuel for the Texas & Pacific Railroad, but was independently owned.)

Crew Outside Mine

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