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A view of Thurber in its glory

Thurber: A Short History of a Texas Ghost Town

Looking over the handful of buildings left standing in Thurber today, you'd have a hard time believing it was once a thriving company town at the turn of the century and the most important mine site in Texas for 30 years. At one time a town of over 10,000 residents representing 20 nationalities, Thurber was the largest town between Fort Worth and El Paso. Now with a population of just 5, Thurber stands as a testament to the power of economics and technology to build and destroy communities.

Thurber in the 1970s

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View of Timeline of Thurber

View an outline of historical Thurber events, from 1884 to the present.

The Only Place to Eat in Downtown Thurber for Over Years
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Thurber, Texas Pop. 5

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